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Rock Steady

Bandeau bra | Lingerie as outerwear. Yes.
Gold Stream Zipper Necklace, $380 | So unique and absolutely relevant to current trends!
MICHAEL KORS Horn Jet Set Watch, $195 | I would wear this cute little number everyday. With everything.
Joie Rock Steady Booties, $345 | This is me reborn as a pink, suede, fringe shoe. I love.
Wrap Front Hareem Trousers, $65 | These look so comfy and a perfect staple and alternative to jeans.

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Who What Wear

I moved to Chicago in July from a place where seasons don’t exist (San Diego), so I am quite smitten about fall coming! A great article from Who What Wear summed up a few key items I’ll be wearing. Leather is key, cute flats, saucy lace-up heels and delicate bras are a must. I can’t wait!


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Gone Renegade

This past Saturday I had a fantastic afternoon at the Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park, Chicago. I enjoyed perusing all the interesting screen prints and original art, but there was really only one booth that captivated my attention. Katie Johanssan is the artist behind Dollybird Design. She creates beautiful, artful, one of a kind pieces for your neck, fingers and ears!


I am absolutely entranced by the unique Rainbow Drusy (at top). It’s an unset stone that I personally would die to have as a ring, but maybe you’d prefer to have Katie make it into a necklace for you. The Rarity Shop is filled with a beautiful selection of stones ready to be fabricated in a custom setting.

Unfortunately for you (my wonderful readers), you are missing out on many of my favorites because they were at her booth! Perhaps they are recently made pieces, thus not available on her site yet. I’ll be eagerly awaiting their addition.

The Renegade Craft Fair was an inspirational visit for me. For a long time I’ve wanted to take metal working classes, but in the last year I’ve known that I needed to take metal working classes. Art is good for the soul; so whether you make it or appreciate it, get out there and indulge yourself in the wonders of human creativity.

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Summertime Blues

I’m a terrible person and have been completely MIA for the past 2 months. Well, I’m back and I’m sorry. Forgive me?

blue summer

  1. Colored mascara – I would really like some plum colored mascara to compliment my brown eyes. Almay has a line of mascara for just that! If you don’t feel like investing in this trend but would like to try it out, take a sample mascara wand and apply eyeshadow to it. Then brush it onto your still wet lashes after you’ve applied your regular mascara.
  2. Sexy summery bras – Duh, summer is hot and no one wants to be stuck in some horribly uncomfortable, sweaty, push up bra. Trade in the under wire for a sweet, simple and adorable bra that you can pair with some saucy tank tops. P.s. how cute is that little orange bow?
  3. Sequins, sequins, sequins! – They may have been an ugly trend from the 80’s on par with the wave BUT they are making a comeback! I love this white vest with silver sequins. It can be worn very casually with a t-shirt and skinny blue jeans.
  4. Oxford love – For some time I have had a deep adoration for oxford heels. I am very happy that there is a way to wear them during summer too! These neutral cutout oxfords are a perfect compliment to a vintage summer dress.
  5. Loose fitting dress – I just love to be comfortable and I think that’s why I own a ridiculous amount of dresses. Try out a shirt dress this summer and pair it with some gladiator sandals.
  6. Charm me – Necklaces are really easy to make. Grab some neat trinkets and charms from your local bead store or even garage sale and string em up on some chain! When hitting the beach, wear it with just your swim suit. You’d be surprised how much style this adds to your look.

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Be Mine Part III: Date Night Attire



This outfit was Font sizeinspired by Mischa Barton’s canary yellow dress, worn at a Paris fashion show in January. Aren’t these lace up heels beautiful? I melt over this mix match ensemble.


This side cut out dress is hot! Keep the V-day feel with this cute necklace.

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One Love

In 3 weeks I will be landing in the beautiful country of Jamaica! I’ll be attending a wedding within the first few days of arrival and then the rest of my 10 day stay will be spent celebrating in the north coast, Discovery Bay.

First things first, I think it’s adorable when couples match their outfits at weddings, but you must be subtle! This is the key to not looking like you both purchased your outfits from a Sears Catalogue. My date is in the wedding, so his outfit has already been established. Here is what I’m envisioning:


  • Suit: Nothing cleans up a man like a crisp black suit. A well fitted jacket and pants is always fashion forward.
  • Tie: This charming 100% silk paisley tie was chosen for all the groomsmen. It can be found at Amazon.com for $15.99.


  • Dress: This strapless dress looks classy and tropical. The detailed hem is so whimsical overlapping itself and the seafoam green fabric perfectly complements my date’s tie! Fuchsiaonline.com for $1,210
  • Earrings: These have just the right amount of detail. Any more and it would have been too much for this simple dress. Any less and the look would become too plain Jane. Barneys.com for $1,950


Voluminous waves are pretty easy to create, even for the hair challenged.

Step 1: Wash hair but don’t use conditioner because that will weigh down your hair.
Step 2: While hair is still wet, apply SAMY Icing. It is an “Instant Re-Styler Mousse & Hairspray”. It works really well for adding volume and only costs around $15.
Step 3: Blow dry hair adding as much volume as possible with a round brush.
Step 4: Take 1 inch chunks of hair and with straightener, create soft kinks. The key is to move the straightener very quickly, alternating side to side.
Step 5: Viola, you have lovely wavy hair like Rachel Bilson.

  • Eyes: Silvery white eyeshadow will really make your eyes light up. Black gel eyeliner for just a little extra definition.
  • Cheeks: Blush & bronzer on the cheeks to add some color.
  • Lips: Keep the lips neutral.

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