Shop in your closet

photo via this girl sylvia

I’m in the process of moving (in fact, I’m taking a break before we drive the van to our new apartment) and I am of course thinking about how I hate “stuff”. I found an excellent article on how to “shop in your closet” as a method of weeding out your unwanted clothing.

Shop in Your Closet By Amanda Hinnant

Next time you’re putting away laundry or dry cleaning, grab an armful of clothes that you haven’t worn since you can’t remember when and try them on in front of a full-length mirror, suggests Jeanine Baron, founder of Streamliners Inc., an organizing company in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. Put the ones that you would want to buy again back into circulation; donate the rest.

Toss-It Tips

  • “The keepers must fit, be in style, and not need major alterations or repairs,” says Baron.
  • Don’t let the mere fact that you paid a lot guilt you into keeping something. Your closet is prime real estate.

Why It Works

  • You have to deal with only a few items of clothing at a time―not your whole closet.
  • If your weight has fluctuated over the years, this method lets you pinpoint what fits now and bag memories of your body-size history.
  • You might enjoy it, especially if you unearth a long-buried treasure.
via Real Simple

Yesterday I picked up a sweater I haven’t worn in a while and tried it on. It still looked cute, maybe one size smaller than I would want, but I decided to hang it back up and in hopes that I’d wear it this fall. Well, after reading that article I decided that if I saw it in a store, I would definitely not buy it. Therefor I am adding it to my donate pile. Yay for liberation!


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