A Fall Necessity

I’ve been searching for the perfect everyday cross body bag and I’m willing to spend a pretty penny on it too, but nothing has been absolutely perfect. I’ve looked at Foley + Corinna, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and even Asos. I’ve still managed to have a few prosepcts.I think this Chloe bag is great. I love the look but it might be a tad too casual since it’s over $600. I would spend maybe half that if I loved it, which I do… but it’s not getting any less pricey just because I want it. Le sigh.

Everything about the large Coach Brook bag is beautiful. It’s size, it’s gorgeous shade of eggplant.. But why, oh why won’t Coach sell me a strap that will make it into a cross body bag?!?!? I almost want it to the point of not caring. Brook, I love you.

This could be it, Sabina Convertable Leather Tote, I just might have to have you. I really like the color, it might be a little brighter than what I was looking for, but it’s got everything I need and it’s stylish to boot. And ya know what else? It’s only $219. Normally I’d say that’s a lot (perpetual bargain hunter here) but for a completely functional, stylish everyday bag, that’s a steal! I might have to sleep on it. Or visit the DSW a mile away (which is probably what I’ll do). What do you guys think of the bag in taupe?


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