How To: Have Amazing Brows

Ashley Olsen in Marie Claire

Ashley Olsen in Marie Claire

Many starlets like Ashley Olsen, Rihanna, and Natalie Portman have fantastic brows. Their beauty is undeniable but any misstep with their eyebrows could seriously affect their allure. Despite many years of thoughtful plucking, I’ve still managed to develop some unevenness, which will drive a perfectionist like me absolutely batty! Here is how I solved my problem and achieved the look of perfection!


You’ll need great tweezers (Japonesque), natural shaded powder (Benefit), and a slanted brush (The Body Shop). You can go with a less expensive product for any of these items if necessary. My tweezers, brow shadow and slanted brush are all from Target and work great.

Let’s get started…

Step One: If you’ve already butchered your brows, try growing them out a bit. It will be a big help in finding out your natural shape again. From there you can adjust and perfect.

Step Two: Pick out a brow powder that is one or two shades lighter than your brow’s color. You have to use powder that is lighter than your brow to keep them looking natural. If you go too dark you’ll look like you have caterpillar eyebrows!

Step Three: With your slanted brush, fill in your brows to your desired shape. Don’t include areas that aren’t part of the shape you want, and fill in areas even if they’ve been dramatically over plucked. Over time you can let them fill back in, but not if you keep plucking them! So just grin and bare it for a few weeks

Step Four: AFTER you have filled in your brows and the shape you’ve been feigning for is starting to materialize, pluck away! Get rid of all those stray hairs that have been keeping you from your amazing eyebrows!

This backwards approach to using an eyebrow powder is a fool-proof method to symmetrical, full and perfect eyebrows. Hope you’ve enjoyed the tips and let me know they work for you too!


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