Be Mine Part II: Gifts

I realize Valentine’s Day is horribly cliché, but I am not one to shy away from an opportunity to show love and appreciation for my friends, family and special someone. With that said, here are some cute gifts for both men and women. I hope these help to spark some ideas! Happy hunting.

Love is in your actions, and what a nice way to show someone you care by making him or her heart shaped pancakes for breakfast! And if you have children, add a drop or two of red food coloring to the batter for a fun surprise!

Get into the mood with some Al Green on vinyl. The album I’m Still in Love with You is one of my favorites!

Not a fan of love right now? Or know someone who isn’t? These hilarious assortments of cards are a great way to brighten what could be the most dreaded day of the year for some. *OH NO, this item is currently sold out. But check out their other anti V-day cards at

From what I hear, shaving sucks. Why not treat him to a nice shaving set?

Cards are an excellent gift to make, even for a “beginner” artist. But let’s say you are a ridiculously badass artist like Justine Smith. This amazing Orchid sculpture is made from Iraqi Dinars; sure beats getting Roses!

I don’t usually go crazy over fine jewelry but this necklace is so sweet and dainty. I cannot resist! It’s even on sale at

This is the gift that keeps on giving! Sign him up for a Beer of the Month Club. The subscription can cost around $40 a month. I’d recommend shopping around for clubs to see which one may suit him best! He’s not a beer guy? Check out this list of other “______ of the Month” Clubs I found at Maybe you’ll find something for yourself too!

Give your sweetie a massage with J.R. Watkins all natural, Pure Lavender Body Oil. This line of products is very inexpensive and I really like the aesthetic of the packaging!



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2 responses to “Be Mine Part II: Gifts

  1. Thanks for the mention! This is a great list. I really love the valentine’s cards!

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