Be Mine Part I: Lovely Lingerie

With Valentine’s Day creeping upon us, it’s important to take advantage of this eternal truth: lingerie is the only thing you can buy for yourself that still counts as a gift for him. To help you take advantage of this special opportunity, I’ve selected a few adorable sets. Lord knows how expensive it is to feed a lingerie addiction, so I’ve chosen three sets from Victoria’s Secret and next to them, their less expensive alternative from Forever 21.

  1. Vintage Victoria Bra & Thong, $52 @ Victoria’s Secret
  2. Emma Bra & Thong, $13 @ Forever 21
  3. Floral Bra & Thong, $13 @ Forever 21
  4. Balconet Demi Bra & Thong & Waist Cincher, $132 @ Victoria’s Secret
  5. Ribbon-trim Nightie, $29 @ Victoria’s Secret
  6. Romantique Satin Slip, $13 @ Forever 21
P.s. If you are looking for something a little less costly than Victoria’s Secret, but can afford to pay more than you would at Forever 21, I would recommend shopping at Fredrick’s of Hollywood. Be sure to check out their bra and panties section too; I’ve found some killer deals there.

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