One Love

In 3 weeks I will be landing in the beautiful country of Jamaica! I’ll be attending a wedding within the first few days of arrival and then the rest of my 10 day stay will be spent celebrating in the north coast, Discovery Bay.

First things first, I think it’s adorable when couples match their outfits at weddings, but you must be subtle! This is the key to not looking like you both purchased your outfits from a Sears Catalogue. My date is in the wedding, so his outfit has already been established. Here is what I’m envisioning:


  • Suit: Nothing cleans up a man like a crisp black suit. A well fitted jacket and pants is always fashion forward.
  • Tie: This charming 100% silk paisley tie was chosen for all the groomsmen. It can be found at for $15.99.


  • Dress: This strapless dress looks classy and tropical. The detailed hem is so whimsical overlapping itself and the seafoam green fabric perfectly complements my date’s tie! for $1,210
  • Earrings: These have just the right amount of detail. Any more and it would have been too much for this simple dress. Any less and the look would become too plain Jane. for $1,950


Voluminous waves are pretty easy to create, even for the hair challenged.

Step 1: Wash hair but don’t use conditioner because that will weigh down your hair.
Step 2: While hair is still wet, apply SAMY Icing. It is an “Instant Re-Styler Mousse & Hairspray”. It works really well for adding volume and only costs around $15.
Step 3: Blow dry hair adding as much volume as possible with a round brush.
Step 4: Take 1 inch chunks of hair and with straightener, create soft kinks. The key is to move the straightener very quickly, alternating side to side.
Step 5: Viola, you have lovely wavy hair like Rachel Bilson.

  • Eyes: Silvery white eyeshadow will really make your eyes light up. Black gel eyeliner for just a little extra definition.
  • Cheeks: Blush & bronzer on the cheeks to add some color.
  • Lips: Keep the lips neutral.

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